So, let’s talk about yesterday. 

I went to this supposed neurologist. I get there, and he checks my reflexes and has me walk a short distance and then tells me “tests” are normal. Also, tells me that “there is nothing that can only last hours and stop.” 

Haha, no, bub. There is, I’ve read about numerous things. Amongst these “tests” he put a vibration tool on my legs and on my way out, my legs start getting sore. Like electricity was zapping through my veins. It continues to get worse until I was in tears and swallowing screams. My concerned boyfriend then pointed out that my legs were exceptionally pale, but my toes were bright red. Almost as if all my blood rushed to the tips of my toes and stayed there. 

Since then, the pain has died down a bit, but it continues to get more painful to walk. Every step I take feels like my bones are breaking crack by crack. 

I looked up this “nuerologist” on Health Grades. He had a rating of 2 stars, and according to many reviews, he refuses to touch men. Which is why I am very glad my boyfriend came back with me. 

He was rude, impatient, and didn’t like questions.

I have my nerve conduction and an MRI on my spine tomorrow morning, but something tells me that I’ll be ending up finding somewhere else again. 
If anyone has any idea what specifically could cause my issue, thoughts would be highly appreciated.
Temporary paralysis, numbness, inability to move or feel my legs mid-thigh down. No senses. No movement. Legs pale and ice cold.

When I am able to move again, a tingling feeling happens in my legs and after about 10 minutes I can move them slowly, but weakly again. Longest episode being 9 hours as of date.

Now with pain when I walk and increasing.

Currently Diagnosed

Today I wanted to talk about the conditions I currently have, and if I remember, when I found out about them and how. 

I’ll try to start with beginning of me being a problem child for the first time ever: In my infant years, as my mother told me, one day I suddenly spiked a fever out of nowhere. Just at random. However, it was so high, that my body went into shock and I was having seizures. I’m not sure how things were after that other than being told my sisters ran all over the place while my mother took me to the hospital trying to get to my grandmother, and ran to the hospital before my grandmother could get into her car.
Now, the next thing would be my athsma. I was fully “diagnosed” when I was about 10 years old. However, upon looking into my medical records when I was about 15, I found that years ago the upper left of my lung collapsed. I was never informed, my mother was never informed, and I went untreated at 7 years old at that time. Since then, I have had to have a steroid inhaler and then a nebulizer because they got tired of me going to the ER for breathing treatments when my inhalers just didn’t cut it.

Not long after being diagnosed for my athsma, I was later plagued by a strange feeling in my health. Suddenly, my world would distort and move, I even felt sensations that weren’t there. Like that one time it felt like the ground was Jello and my feet kept sticking to it. That was a trip. 

Honestly, every doctor I went to at that time kept insisting I got ahold of some sort of bad drug or something, but every time they did a blood/pee test, of course, nothing was in my system! Finally, finally, I found a doctor that informed me of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. He thought it might be caused by my migraines that used to be very frequent and violent in my younger years. My migraine medicine my doctor had given me never helped when my migraines we’re that bad. Then, they sort of just went away and I was stuck with Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. 

Oh well, moving on!

Finally, I will inform you of a rarety I first noticed only about three Halloweens ago. Halloween will be remembered as my CU anniversary. CU, is short for Cold Urticaria. 1 in 100,000 people have it. There isn’t a lot known about CU. All I know, for instance, is that the cold makes me break out in hives and itch. Slushies make my tongue swell. I am 100% allergic to the cold. The air conditioning this summer has been making me itch more than I care to analyze. It has gotten to the point in which rain makes me break out.

Most doctors have never heard of it, but please, look it up and spread the word. It helps us with Cold Urticaria let our doctor’s know that we aren’t crazy or “just making it up.” 

Aside from my recently obtained duct ectasia diagnosis, and only-fate-knows-what is wrong with my legs, that is it.

Feel free to address me as Problem Child, I’ll be okay with it. I’ll update as things go on and days go by! Until then!