Heading to my doctor to get my Medical Records to see exactly who, when, and why I was diagnosed with polyneuropathy and was never told anything about it. I looked into it a bit, and apparently that’s where I need to start. 

After I get these things sorted, I will be making an appointment – you guessed it! – 3 hours away. Back to the city where I want to scream in both anger and terror as people attempt to drive each other off the road. 

It’s going to be one hell of a ride, yet again. Will continue to update.


One Down, One to Go!

Good news! Finally!!!

I don’t have to go back to the Breast Clinic unless something else happens, and I should be clear to go about my daily activities in a few days! Now, all I have to do is deal with my primary trying to get me a nuerologist!

Good luck to me!