It has, uh.. been an interesting morning. On the way home for dropping off my boyfriend at work, felt a little off so I turned my head and saw a little white car on it’s side deep in a ditch surrounded by trees. So I turn around as my sister is an RT and she was in the car just off of work. 

So we check things out, soon police and paramedics came and they had to get the Jaws of Life to cut the woman free. 

That is the door they are holding up in the ditch, by the way. The car was trying to roll so the firetrucks had to attach it to their wenches.


Not What We Thought

Yesterday was my appointment at the Breast Clinic, and I got the full results from my biopsy.

According to the results, it wasn’t duct ectasia, but rather focal florid usual type duct hyperplasia. Plus 3 peripheral type micropapillomata were found, largest being 2mm. 

As for the other, I shall write it word for word here:
“Final Report:

Sclerosing adenosis.

Proliferative fibrocystic change (including focal florid usual type hyperplasia and three peripheral type micropapillomata).

Preliminary Report:

Initial sections demonstrates sclerosing adenosis and nonproliferative fibrocystic change including extensive stromal fibrosis.”

Now, as far as the hyperplasia, I’ve done some looking into and it doubles my chance of developing breast cancer. I’m currently trying to look into the micropapillomata and the proliferative fibrocystic change. I think I know what the sclerosing adenosis is, but I will recheck before anything else. 

Until then!

Coming Back

I’m going back in a week.

I have fluid in my breast, 26CCs worth, according to the nurse that needed it out of me. It hurt like hell. I cried. 

I’m in a lot of pain right now. I’ve been ordered antibiotics as back-up. 

Momentarily I thought I was going to have another episode whilst at the Breast Clinic. Luckily it went by without much incident. Now, I await until morning to remove my pack and wait until anything else comes about.

Until then!

In Other News

3 days (well, nights) ago I had another “episode” as my mother calls it. Luckily, it was late at night and I was already in bed. 

It lasted from about 11:40pm to 6:17am. So about 7 hours that time. I know this because I was having a hard time sleeping, and kept waking up almost every hour. At least it was a little less than the 9 hour mess I had gone through at the hospital.

I wasn’t going to say anything about it before, but my boyfriend asked me if I had any other instances, and I told him. 

We’ve both have a lot of stress on our plates. And let me tell you; stress tastes horrible! 

I made the diagnosis with the at-home blood pressure cuff I have, that he has high blood pressure and it seems to be the main cause of his migraines. 

But onward with my appointment! 

Until then!!!

Follow Up

So today is my follow-up appointment. 3 hours away from my home. Every bump feels like a landmine to my breast and I forgot to have my pain pills tag along.

I also remembered last night that I haven’t heard from my primary in over a month regarding my nuerologist appointment.

Apparently ASAP don’t mean jack shit. 

I’m on my way to my appointment now, and honestly the more I think about my primary, the more I want a different doctor. 

Hopefully, once all of this is over and done with, I can go to the doctor I am considering and it will put me at ease.


I have to check my stitching this morning because unfortunately my boyfriend moves while he dreams and he elbowed me in my “bad breast” as we call it. It’s not his fault, but he won’t stop apologizing. 

This update has been short, but I need to check on it still. My follow-up appointment is tomorrow.

Until then!

Weekend Is Not Long Enough


How I loathe thee.

Where everything starts up again and I have to attempt to go about my every day life while still minding my stitches. 

It hasn’t been easy. I can’t pick up heavy things, I can’t reach or stretch too far one way or another. I can’t press things to my chest. I can’t move my arm too vigorously. (No tickling the kids, then…)

So what can I do? Apparently watch everyone do it for me and then whine about it.

Can someone just take me out for some Chinese and let me curl up all fat and happy? I think that would be best right now.